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About Us

Mashav Energia is a leading developer and a fully integrated renewable energy producer.

We develop, construct and operate renewable energy assets in Poland.
Benefitting from our strong and well-established relationships with the largest international construction companies, turbine and PV suppliers, law firms and financial institutions operating in the Polish market, we implement large investments in the field of renewable energy.
Our latest investment, the Potęgowo wind farm, is the largest on-shore wind farm in Poland.

Mashav Energia is fully owned by Zephyrus Wing Energies Ltd., a publicly traded Israeli company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (ZPRS). Zephyrus Wing Energies Ltd. is controlled by the Israel Infrastructure Fund (“IIF”), an Israeli investment funds group.


Potęgowo Wind Farm

Potęgowo wind farm, includes 98 wind turbines with a total capacity of 257 MW. This project is currently the largest onshore wind farm in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. More information »

Kanin Wind Farm SOLD

Kanin wind farm consisting of 8 WTG Nordex N100 with total capacity of 20 MW and is under operation since 2011. Mashav managed the construction till final obtaining the final concession for production of energy accompanied with the negotiation and signature of the PPA/CPA agreement. Mashav as the partial shareholder is performed additional TCM services for the project.

Orla wind farm SOLD

Orla wind farm consists of 15 WTG Nordex N100 with a total capacity of 37,5 MW which save approximately 57,400 tonnes of CO2 per annum. The wind farm is under commercial operation since 2015. Mashav supervised the construction. Project value amounted to approximately PLN 269 million (EUR 64 million).

How we can help you?

Project security
  • Project risk audit
  • Project security
Last mile development
  • Turbine selection
  • Final design
  • Obtaining permits and alternative permits
  • Eligibility for auctions
  • Negotiating energy sale contracts
Project financing
  • Co-financing
  • Securing pre-conditions for project financing
Construction supervision
  • Construction design and supervision
  • Engineering supervision
  • Project management
  • Supervising turbine suppliers
  • Budget and schedule supervision
Technical and commercial management
  • Site supervision
  • Automatic 24/7 remote supervision
  • Legal and administrative support
  • Audit