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We are a fully integrated, independent power producer and we implement
groundbreaking investments for the Polish renewable energy sector.
Our flagship project, Potęgowo Wind Farm, is the largest on-shore wind farm in the country.


As many as 98 turbines are located in two locations: the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian voivodeships.


The total installed capacity is 257 MW, with turbines ranging from 2.2 MW to 2.75 MW.


The overall cost of the project is approximately PLN 1.45 billion.

Meet Mashav Energia

We focus on development, construction and operation of renewable energy assets and we trade electricity in the Polish Power Exchange.

Why wind energy?

We support the production of Energy, based on environmentally friendly renewable Energy sources - we are proud to help change the world for better.

Environmental impact reports and project documentation for the Potegowo Project

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